How the anime voice acting industry is failing its talent

The human cost of producing anime: Voice actors not being paid their worth

Just a Meeting - How the anime voice acting industry is failing its talent

On the latest episode of the Black Ramen Podcast, we discuss what’s really going down with Crunchyroll and unionized voice actors with special guest Executive DTOWN from Hip Hop and Anime Vibes Podcast

  • Chatty Patty and DTown also discuss
  • A controversial My Hero Academia Cover
  • The Controversial past of Ruroni Kenshin’s author
  • One Piece summary movies; is it considered cheating to watch them?
  • And much much more.


DTown is an award-winning rapper, producer, podcast host, and content creator. He's also a digital marketer, husband, and twin dad. He loves anime and hip-hop music. DTown is known for his witty lyrics, engaging live showmanship, and clever punchlines. He started making music in high school and never looked back. DTown has released several mix tapes and albums over the years. His work has been featured on major platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud and YouTube. In addition to his musical career, DTown hosts the popular podcast "Hip Hop and Anime Vobes" The show is a weekly discussion of all things hip hop culture and anime related. He also produces content for major brands such as Nike, Beats by Dre, Adidas and more.

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